February 27th

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Plummy # 9: Plum Talky

reblogging this from another Tumblr.  The one I posted here long ago dissapeared.  :O

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June 19th


June 9th

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P C# 7: Plummy Realizes Nirvana

Artist’s Comment: “Silly Plummy. Humans ARE Animals! ho ho ho!

June 2nd

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PC #6: Walnut Fast

Artist’s Comment: Plummy understands all of his fruitless intellectual meandering will bring him no satisfaction. man…this makes me want to kill myself.

May 26th


PC #5: The Fall

little plummy could just crawl around on the ground and grab walnuts with his jaw if he had to.

May 19th

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That’s Depressing!

May 9th


PC #3: Plummy’s Vacation

Enjoy yourself, Plummy. Cuz it won’t last!

May 2nd


PC #2: Plummy’s Birthday

Alas, another year Plummy.. What are you going to do with yourself?

April 26th


2nd part

PC #1: Melon Slime

Those old ladies must be so sad…

April 19th

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An intro to die for!